HOWTO install the unofficial driver packages

Installation and Configuration HOWTOs for the unofficial drivers

HOWTO install the unofficial driver packages

Postby » Sun May 13, 2007 10:13 am

Due to popular demand, I'm providing a few short statements here that will
help you handle the downloaded file.

You need to have root access to your machine to install the driver. If you
are using Ubuntu or any other distribution that makes excessive use of the
sudo command for getting root privileges, you will need to prepend
the sudo command in front of the below written commands.

Due to security reasons, the files you can download here will not be
automatically executable on your system, that means you can't execute
them directly as it might be common for most binaries.

The driver packages in here are all named after the following scheme:


where the following variables are possible:

SUBSET is either "mga" (for the G-series cards) or "mtx" (for the P-series cards)
ARCH is either "x86_32" (32bit architecture) or "x86_64" (64bit architecture)
VERSION is the unofficial version of the driver you downloaded (e.g.

The current latest driver versions therefore are (for 32bit):


When you download the file, as I said above, it will _NOT_ be executable
and therefore the following command does not work.

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You could now either make the file executable or circumvent this issue
by calling it as argument of your default shell:

Making it executable:
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chmod 755

Call it as argument of your default shell:
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On systems, where sudo is used, the following syntax works:
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sudo sh

There are several options that can be passed to the installer script, the
most common ones are:

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  --extract-only        Do data extraction only
  --uninstall           Uninstall driver
  --overwrite           Force overwriting of current driver
  --confirm             Ask before running embedded script
  --keep                Do not erase target directory after running
                        the embedded script

To add an option to the driver installer, use the following syntax:

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sh --extract-only

Special Note for users of the SuSE distribution
You need to enter the following commands prior to installing the unofficial
drivers on your system, otherwise it won't compile against your installed
kernel sources:

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cd /path/to/your/kernel-source      # e.g. /usr/src/linux
make cloneconfig
make modules_prepare

Thanks to [fredvej] for this update.
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