BIOS Update on G-series cards

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BIOS Update on G-series cards

Postby » Fri Jan 05, 2007 11:02 am

Precreated Floppy Disk Image

For your convenience, I create a floppy disk image with the latest available
MGA BIOS version which is available at the following URL:


This floppy image is exactly what you get when following the instructions
To install this floppy image to a floppy disk, use the following command:
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# dd if=mgabios1.5.flp of=/dev/fd0

If you want to build the disk on your own, please follow these instructions:

    1. Insert a blank floppy disk into your computers floppy driver
    3. Open a terminal window
    4. Change to the directory to where the file is stored
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# cd /directory/where/the/file/is/stored

    5. Unzip the downloaded file
Code: Select all
# unzip setup_g258_2.exe

    Note: older versions of the `unzip` utility might not work with the .exe extension and require you to first rename the file to .zip:

Code: Select all
# mv setup_g258_2.exe
# unzip

    6. change to the directory where you extracted the files
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# cd setup_g258_2

    7. Transfer the mini.ima floppy image to your floppy (all data on your floppy disk will be permanently overwritten!)
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# dd if=mini.ima of=/dev/fd0

    8. Mount the newly created floppy to see if that worked
Code: Select all
# mount /dev/fd0 /floppy
# ls /floppy
autoexec.bat  dl8.exe  dos4gw.exe  kernel.sys

    9. Remove some unneeded files
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# rm /floppy/autoexec.bat
# rm /floppy/dl8.exe

    10. Copy the BIOS files to the newly created floppy disk
Code: Select all
# cp *.bin progbios.exe /floppy

    11. Unmount the floppy
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# umount /floppy

    12. Reboot your computer and boot from your floppy driver
    13. At the DOS prompt, execute the progbios utility
Code: Select all
progbios -i auto -q

    14. When the update has completed, remove the floppy and reboot your computer

A note from one of our users (joker4791):

Please note that you have to type
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progbios -q -maven ntsc

Code: Select all
progbios -q -maven pal

after updating the BIOS in order to get TV-output during boottime.

Thanks, joker4791!
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