Difficulties installing driver for Matrox P690

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Difficulties installing driver for Matrox P690

Postby polarfuchs » Wed Jan 20, 2010 4:14 pm

Hi together,
I try to get two monitors (Samsung Synmaster 2443) running with a Matrox P690 on SuSE 11.1. Currently the Matrox-Card is not supported by a driver and a Vesa-driver is loaded instead (all works nicely with one screen). The Hardware-info shows me both monitors and the Matrox-Card.

I tried installing the latest driver from the Matrox-Homepage (mtxdriver-installer-x86_64-cvs-20090511.run) but only get the following error message:
ERROR: Could not find the kernel modules source code path.
Make sure you have installed the kernel source code files.

So I was recommended to get the kernels with
zypper in linux-kernel-headers kernel-source gcc make

and when checking the versions with "rpm -qa |grep kernel" I get

The readme of the driversays that the kernel versions seem to be supported - so I wonder what is wrong - possibly something in my SuSE installation (I am an absolute newbe to linux, but very happy with the performance for some of my applications)

Anyone has an idea what I can to to overcome this problem?
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