Setup extended display using Matrox in Ubuntu 9.04

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Setup extended display using Matrox in Ubuntu 9.04

Postby hamir » Fri Oct 16, 2009 8:46 am


I have Ubuntu 9.04 with Linux Kernel version 2.6.28. I need to setup extended monitor using Matrox ( QID LP PCI ). I am having two monitors one primary and one secondary. I am able to install the Matrox setup "" downloaded from Matrox website. My XConfig is updated with all require information. Attached here for reference. Now when I run matroxconfig from command prompt I got the warning "Warning: You are currently running this application without the MTXCFG X Server extension. No modeline validation will be possible." in the startup of the utility and error in the command line "Xlib: extension "MTXCFG" missing on display ":1.0". This utility can detect the number of monitors but cannot get the display on secondary monitor only primary monitor is working.

I have also change the BIOS settings to change my default graphics card from Intel to Matrox.
Please let me know what is to be require to get the extended display.

Thanks in advance.
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