Dual P690 with three Screens

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Dual P690 with three Screens

Postby tomcat » Thu Aug 20, 2009 8:53 pm

Hi !

I am trying to run two P690 in the same machine:
Card 1: PCIe x16 with 2x DVI
Card 2: PCIe x1 with 1x DVI
Platform: Ubuntu 9.04-64 with mtxdriver-installer-x86-64-cvs-20090511 (1.4.7) and mtx kernel module installed.
(On startup the screens show a dark blue background)

The PCIeX16 with two screens is working fine.
The PCIeX1 with one screen is working fine
I can get a combo of both cards with one screen each to work,
it just won't do with both cards and three screens.

I have added vmalloc=512m to the grub boot loader and I have put "regSysMmFlags=0" in /etc/modules.

Warnings and messages in Xorg.0.log:
- More than one possible primary device found
- Screen (0.1.2) shcares mem & io resources
- MTX(2.1.0): Parhelia device stopped
-> System boots, but screens go black after some rounds of testing.

Desired layout is 3 Screens with Xinerama.

I have attached the Xorg.0.log and my xorg.conf - and would appreciate any hints.

Many thanks!
Xorg.0.log 3 screens 2 cards
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xorg.conf 3 screens
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Re: Dual P690 with three Screens - solved.

Postby tomcat » Mon Aug 24, 2009 5:56 pm

OK, solved by using a workaround.

- Two cards do work,
- GDM (or XDM) do not seem to like to start the X-Server when two cards are configured.
-> we disabled GDM/XDM
- now I am starting X from the commandline with "startx &" and everything is fine.
(We had to add my user to the audio-group, otherwise sound was not working, but that's about it.)

We were not able to find out, why GDM or XDM were not able to start the X-Server.
My current best guess is related to timeout issues as it takes X a while to initialize the two cards and three screens, but this ist just a wild guess.
With XDM we had intermittend successes - sometimes it would, sometimes it would not work. But it never worked after reboot of the machine, only when started manually. Strange....

See attached xorg.conf for the working configuration.

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Re: Dual P690 with three Screens

Postby tomcat » Mon Aug 24, 2009 7:15 pm

My hunch regarding timeout kept on bothering me...
(Everything here worked on Ubuntu 9.04.)

1. I ran:
Code: Select all
sudo dpgk-reconfigure gdm

to get GDM back into the autostartup.

2. Then modified in file /etc/gdm/gdm.conf
change "GdmXserverTimeout=10" to
which now gives the X-Server 40 Seconds to start up. It doesn't take that long, but 10 seconds was not enough.

Now GDM is starting properly - and is able to start X as well.
Problem solved, happy Matrox User ;-)

(My guess is that the intermittend successes we had came from some stuff being cached in memory and so the startup was barely able to run in 10 seconds....)

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