X freezes after resuming from suspen2RAM

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X freezes after resuming from suspen2RAM

Postby kaytel » Mon Jan 22, 2007 4:08 pm

My X.log and xorg.conf are attached

my uname -a:
Linux XXX 2.6.18-3-k7 #1 SMP Sun Dec 10 20:17:39 UTC 2006 i686 GNU/Linux

I'm working with an Athlon 64 in 32bit mode, Matrox Parhelia APVe, the "official" unofficial driver .

After enabling OpenGL by disabling the "composite"-option I'm quite happy.

One thing is just as annoying:
When I supend to RAM and resume, the system is up and running nearly without problem, i.e. I'm able to login via ssh from the LAN and do on shell everything I want. The BIG problem is that X doesn't come up, I just get terminal screen from the booting procedure, and can't do anything with the keyboard or the mouse. When I look to "top" via ssh it shows me that X is using the system for 99-100%. The problem goes on with that, that I can't kill X with "killall Xorg", "killall -9 Xorg", or "/etc/init.d/kdm stop".
When I enter "reboot" via ssh the system goes down, ssh-daemon is killed, but the system doesn't reboot or halt.

I used the kernel suspending mechanism before and now I'm using µswsusp.

Can somebody help me?
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Postby tuxx-home.at » Tue Jan 23, 2007 10:25 am

the "official" unofficial driver .

Nice :)

Can somebody help me?

I'm afraid, I can't help you with that at the moment.
The mtx driver doesn't seem to work well with suspend mechanisms and
as far as I know, noone ever got that working.

Maybe it's just a little/big change in the source that needs to be done, but
currently I don't know where to search for it.
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