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This forum is for all Parhelia based cards (Millenium P650, P690, P750, QID, Parhelia 256, APVe, ...) that need the mtx driver to run properly.

Source code access

Postby jonomcclelland » Mon Jan 01, 2007 2:23 pm

Alex, good idea to start this forum. I've haven't looked at the official site for quite a while (coz you helped me get my card working).
As I remember, the greatest stumbling block to supporting the Matrox cards is that Matrox won't release the OpenGL code, even to a few people like you. You told me that you'd even suggested signing an NDA with Matrox but got no response.
Could you update everyone on the status of this? How restricted are we in getting updates, etc, for these cards? Many thanks for the ongoing support.
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Postby » Mon Jan 01, 2007 3:06 pm

How restricted are we in getting updates, etc, for these cards?

If Matrox will ever release an updated version of the driver, we may
download it and modify it as in the past.

By now, there's no way to get access to the OpenGL code and to the other
closed source parts of the mtx and mga drivers and that is likely to not
change in the future.

So, for now, we have to stick with what we have and make the best out of
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