OpenGL programme causes system hang

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OpenGL programme causes system hang

Postby myfanwy » Thu Jul 05, 2007 1:35 am

Hi, I'm trying to run a couple of OpenGL programmes, and whenever they start the system hangs. The mouse will move, but i can't click anything the, kb does nothing and even Ctrl-Alt-Bksp and Ctrl-Alt-F1 do nothing.

The same problem occurs when I run glxgears and glxinfo.

I am using the newest driver, and have tried re-installing using the --overwrite switch, which complete fine with no error messages. I have also tried manually copying the file as described in

I have run the depmod and modprobe mtx commands, and lsmod tells me mtx is loaded

Thank you
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Postby » Fri Jul 06, 2007 1:18 pm

Have you already tried the following hint out of the readme?

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Q:  My system seems to lock up when I try to run a video or OpenGL application.
    What can I do ?
A:  Try disabling fastwrites in your motherboard BIOS settings. Also, in some
    systems with 1GB of RAM or more, you need to pass the following switch
    (vmalloc=) to your boot manager (in grub on the appropriate kernel line or
    in lilo on the append line. Note that the ram value passed is in bytes).
    For example, if you want to reserve at least 128MB, you add this to your
    boot manager config file:


I've set up a FAQ entry for a simliar problem, maybe it helps:

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