Fedora 12 -- Anyone have it working?

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Fedora 12 -- Anyone have it working?

Postby bseklecki » Thu Dec 10, 2009 12:04 am


Does anyone have Fedora 12 / FC12 working with any build? i386 or amd64?

F12 seems like a failure of a release in general (suspend doesn't work; hibernate resume causes every process to segfault, fund stuff like that).

For me, with 4.08.02 (0030) on, I notice two behavior changes from F11:

1) If my local subnet at my remote location falls within my split tunnel (My split tunnel is, so that' *very* likely), no traffic is passed over cipsec0
2) When #1 is not the case, I get connected, but split-tunnel DNS doesn't work (kernel level?) All requests are sent to my normal DNS, which NXDOMAIN's everything that should be split.

Not good....not good! I think some idiot at Redhat probably rewrote all of the NSS libc calls like gethostbyname() to be wrappers to ada calls or something.

I will check the force-split-tunnel-local-lan.c whatever patch out. Crappy.
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Re: Fedora 12 -- Anyone have it working?

Postby mariuszs » Tue Jan 05, 2010 9:47 pm

Yes, I have from first time. But there are problems with freezing after using it longer time - problem not related to fedora.
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