Cisco VPN client VMware image

Installation, configuration and troubleshooting of the Cisco VPN Client on Linux systems

Cisco VPN client VMware image

Postby pamela » Mon Jun 06, 2011 10:58 am

Hi guys,

this seems like a long dead forum, but it is the only place where any development of cisco vpn client for linux was done, so I am posting this here. Quite recently I have created the VMware virtual machine containing Debian linux and the (official - absolutely no patches needed) cisco VPN client running on old kernel (2.6.26). This machine is connected to host OS using 2 interfaces - one NAT adapter for VPN client connection establishing and the host-only adapter used for connection over the traffic.
Here is how it works:
1., boot or resume the vmware guest virtual machine (gues has only one processor of course :) )
2., establish a cisco vpn client connection from guest to your vpn concentrator
3., int the guest os run: ifdown eth1 ; ifup eth1
4., on host OS create static route to remote network pointing to the ip address of eth1 interface of guest OS
5., enjoy your connection

If anyone finds this more usable than turning all the CPU cores/threads down all the time just write here, I will manage to share the vmware image somehow.

Best regards,

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