You are my personal hero - How can I help you?

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You are my personal hero - How can I help you?

Postby » Mon Jun 04, 2007 1:06 pm

Well, there are several ways of helping me and several reasons why it is a
good idea to donate something to my little project here.

Donations, Funds, Invoices, ...
  • The server on which this board is hosted produces costs for me which I can currently afford on a per month basis, but this might change one day
  • Traffic and Bandwidth requirements are increasing on a daily basis and providing the Matrox drivers here on my webhost consumes dozens of GiBs per
  • I'm doing this all in my spare time and without charging money for it, so everything you can see here, is free. If you feel that I saved you a lot of money or time with the help inside of this forum, please consider donating.
  • I don't want to spam this forum with Google Ads or something like this just to keep it alive
  • If you work for a company or prefer paying an invoice rather than making donations, please contact me via e-mail ( for an invoice.

Other means of help
  • If you are familiar with the linux kernel and driver programming, feel free
    to have a look at the sourcecode of the current mtx and mga drivers and
    provide your improvements here
  • If you like to write documentations, please have a look at the readme
    files included in the driver packages. They definetly need some updates
  • Help answering questions in here
  • ...

Due to the fact, that I'm doing this in my spare time, it is possible that an
answer to your question takes some time (usually, I'm able to answer within
one day), but sometimes it may take even longer (a week or worse).

If you need immediate support, help with other linux related stuff or feel
you need me being at your company fixing up some things for a few hours
or even days, please contact me for an estimate.


Thank you for considering donating to this project.
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