mga only works in Modern Art mode

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mga only works in Modern Art mode

Postby Pastychomper » Fri Mar 26, 2010 3:41 pm

I've been given a Matrox G450 for a multi-head project on my ageing PC. I've tried Mandriva 2008.1 and Debian Lenny, which (I think) both use pre-7.4 and so should be able to use the mga driver ok. My hardware setup is like this:

Nvidia (AGP) on PCI 1:0:0 + 1 monitor
G450 (PCI) on PCI 2:0:0 and PCI 2:4:0 + 2 (smaller) monitors

I can use the 1st monitor on the G450 with the Vesa driver, it works fine alone or with the Nvidia as a dual-head, but the Vesa driver won't work with the second G450 monitor. The stock mga driver appears to work ok with either, but not both, of the monitors, except that what actually gets displayed is a mess of colours (1st monitor) or dark vertical lines on a white background (2nd monitor). I can make out a (very messy) mouse pointer on the 1st monitor, and the colour roughly approximates what the background colour should be.

I've just downloaded the unofficial driver and will try it tonight, but I suspect the problem is with Xorg choosing the wrong screen settings. Any suggestions?
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