any drivers work at all for later xorg?

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any drivers work at all for later xorg?

Postby webe3 » Wed Sep 23, 2009 5:46 pm

Are there any mga drivers that work at all for later versions of xorg? I am running Debian squeeze/testing. A new version of xorg just hit squeeze and I installed it. The previous xserver-xorg-video-mga and xserver worked. The current version doesn't. When X starts when gdm is started, the monitor goes black and the power button blinks like it is in sleep mode. It won't wake up. There are no errors in Xorg.0.log or syslog. I can blindly log in to gnome and it will log in because I hear the gnome startup sound but the screen is black. I even tried totally removing my xorg.conf and let X set whatever it wants. Still only a black screen. Anyone have any mga drivers that work? Anyone else having this problem? Having to use vesa is not that great but it does work.
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