G-Series and framebuffer use?

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G-Series and framebuffer use?

Postby Muffin » Tue Mar 17, 2009 10:20 pm

I'm busy building a new Debian Linux 5.0 system (on new hardware), which will be a XEN host running multiple VM's for testing various bits, as well as run inhouse server related stuff. Currently I use my existing system in text mode, but would love to have multiple screens on the new one. My idea is to use the primary screen in text mode, or something as close as possible to text mode, maybe framebuffer if it's fast enough. The secondary screen would be used for graphics, eg. directfb related stuff like directvnc, or another text screen (using con2fb) to monitor stuff like logs. It seems dual framebuffer is the only way to go and the Matrox G-Series is the only one that can do that? Mainstream GPU's like nVidia and ATI would only give me a dual framebuffer if I used 2 cards, so there's extra expense, and I'm unsure of the framebuffer support in the latest cards. Note that I have NO desire at all to run X, since it wastes too much resources in my opinion and I can work faster in text mode. Would the Matrox G550 (PCIe version) give me a dual framebuffer that can do what I want?
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